A New Zealand Prayer Book

He Karakia Mihinare o Aotearoa



Introduction - A Multitude of Voices

The Calendar
The Church Year
The Calendar

Liturgies of the Word
Morning and Evening Worship
Daily Services
Additional Songs of Praise
Daily Devotions
Prayers for Various Occasions
Midday Prayer
Night Prayer
Family Prayer
Psalms for Worship

The Liturgy of Baptism and
The Laying on of Hands for Confirmation and Renewal

Liturgies of the Eucharist
Thanksgiving of the People of God
Variations to the Great Thanksgiving
An Alternative Great Thanksgiving
Sections of the Eucharist in Fijian
Sections of the Eucharist in Tongan
Thanksgiving for Creation and Redemption
Variations to the Great Thanksgiving
Te Whakawhetai me te Whakamoemiti
Thanksgiving and Praise
Variations to the Great Thanksgiving (English or Maori)
He Tikanga Ano
Na te Whanau a te Karaiti
A Form for Ordering the Eucharist
Seasonal Sentences, Prayers and Blessings for use after Communion

Sentences, Prayers and Readings for the Church's Year
Seasons and Sundays
Other Feast and Holy Days
Saints' Days and Other Special Days
The Readings for Holy Communion - Three Year Series
Pastoral Liturgies
A Service of Holy Communion
The Ministry of Healing
Prayers for Use in Critical Situations
Reconciliation of a Penitent
Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child
The Blessing of a Home
Marriage Liturgies
Marriage Liturgy - First Form
Marriage Liturgy - Second Form
Marriage Liturgy - Third Form
The Prayers
The Blessings
Funeral Liturgies and Services in the Time of Death
Prayer at Time of Death
Prayer before a Funeral
The Funeral Service
A Service for the Funeral of a Child
Sentences, Prayers, Readings and Hymns
Prayers in a House after Death (English or Maori)
The Committal of Ashes
The Unveiling of a Memorial (English or Maori)
Ordination Liturgies
The Ordination of Deacons
The Ordination of Priests
The Ordination of Bishops
A Catechism

Table to Regulate Observances

General Index
Songs of Praise, Hymns and Waiata
Table of Seasonal Material - Liturgies of the Eucharist